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Exempt QCO against Advance Authorizations", Chairman, SRTEPC

The Government has imposed Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for various products that includes Manmade Fibre Textiles products such as Fibres and Yarns.

"Imports against Advance Authorizations need to be exempted from the requirements of QCOs", said Shri Bhadresh Dodhia, Chairman of The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC).

The Chairman, SRTEPC pointed out that QCOs for textiles have exempted imports for re-export purpose from the compliance of its requirements. "On similar lines, Raw Materials imported against Advance Authorizations are also used for the manufacture of finished products that are subsequently exported,” said Shri Dodhia.

The Chairman, SRTEPC stated that there are adequate in-built provisions and mechanisms under the Foreign Trade Policy to ensure that finished goods manufactured out of raw materials imported against Advance Authorizations are exported within the prescribed time frame.

Further, materials imported against Advance Authorizations are subject to Actual User Condition and are not transferable even after completion of the stipulated Export Obligation”, pointed out Shri Dodhia.

"However, QCOs are welcome as it will ensure availability of good quality raw materials in our country and will prevent import of sub-standard goods”, said the Chairman, SRTEPC.


30th June 2023

“PM’s visit to the US – a historical occasion”- Chairman, SRTEPC

The Chairman of SRTEPC (The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council), Shri Bhadresh Dodhia lauded the visit of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to the United States of America.

“The visit of our Hon’ble PM to the US and the unprecedented response from the US President Joe Biden and the Americans clearly indicate that India is a growing power and is on the rise”, said Shri Bhadresh Dodhia.

The visit would mark a “milestone” in the bilateral relationship between the two countries and would lead to significant investments in India and development of trade, according to the Chairman, SRTEPC.

SRTEPC has been assigned the role of export promotion of technical textiles from India, in addition to Manmade fibre textiles.   The Council will very soon be taking a delegation from India to the US and will be meeting top American Companies to increase exports of Manmade fibre textiles and technical textiles, said Shri Dodhia. The Council is working on this delegation visit in consultation with the office of the Consulate General of India in Mumbai. US is also a source of supplies of high-quality raw materials like speciality yarns, aramid yarns, filter fabrics etc that are required by the Indian manufacturers of technical textiles, pointed out the Chairman, SRTEPC.

The US is one of the leading export markets for Textiles & Clothing from India. Our Hon’ble PM’s visit has certainly boosted the image of India not only in the US but across the globe which will lead to significant increase in exports of Textiles & Clothing from India, according to Shri Dodhia.

The visit of our Hon’ble PM marks   one of the rare moments in the US-India history where there is a real opportunity to take things to the next level, said Shri Bhadresh Dodhia.


7th May 2023

Shri Shaleen Toshniwal takes charge as New Vice Chairman  of SRTEPC 

Shri Shaleen Toshniwal has been elected as the new Vice-Chairman of The Synthetic & Rayon Export Promotion Council ( SRTEPC) at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on May 6,2023.

Welcoming the new Vice Chairman, Shri Bhadresh Dodhia, Chairman of SRTEPC said that “Shri Shaleen Toshniwal brings  with him over 23 years of experience in the field of Textiles and Clothing Sector which will be extremely beneficial for the Council". 

Shri Shaleen Toshniwal oversees exports of Yarn, Fabrics and Garments at Banswara Syntex Ltd in addition to HR functions and General Management of the Company. He has got deep product knowledge in dyed synthetic spinning, woven and knitted fabric manufacturing and garment manufacturing. 

Shri Shaleen Toshniwal has also  got to his credit of launching  Direct to Consumer Digital first brand ready to wear line called “One Mlle” in 2023.

"In these rapidly changing ecosystem, as Vice Chairman of SRTEPC, Shri Shaleen Toshniwal's expertise,  knowledge, vision and guidance will certainly go a long way in increasing exports of the entire value chain of  Manmade Fibre Textiles and Technical Textiles", according to Shri Bhadresh Dodhia.


31st March 2023

Shri Bhadresh Dodhia took charge as the Chairman of SRTEPC

At the 535th Meeting of the Committee of Administration of SRTEPC held in Lonavala on March 29, 2023 Shri Bhadresh Dodhia, Director, International Trade & Finance of Dodhia Group has taken charge as the Chairman of the Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC). Shri Bhadresh Dodhia took over charge as Chairman in place of Shri Dhiraj Raichand Shah on completion of his 2-year Chairmanship tenure. Smt. Roop Rashi, Textile Commissioner was also present during the meeting.

Shri Bhadresh Dodhia has a dynamic personality and carries with him more than 17 years of experience in the textile field. He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Schiller International University, London, and has been looking after the International business and financial aspect of the Dodhia Group of Companies that has both textile & chemical segments.

Shri Bhadresh Dodhia was Vice Chairman of SRTEPC for 2 years since May 2021 and during his Vice Chairmanship Shri Dodhia substantially contributed to the entire MMF textile and technical textile industry and raised the visibility of SRTEPC to a new level. Besides establishing profound prominence among the major Trade bodies and organizations with his profound knowledge and empirical experiences, Shri Dodhia had been closely interacting with the Union Ministers of Textiles, Commerce and industry for resolving the issues of the industry. In the export front also, Shri Dodhia has rich acumen in developing export market & finance, that held him make a mark in the industry.

A visionary Shri Bhadresh Dodhia is the youngest elected Member of SRTEPC, perhaps youngest and active Chairman among all the EPCs. Shri Dodhia is also holding prominent positions in the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Confederation of Indian Textile Industries (CITI), FICCI, SIMA, etc. His Vision, Leadership and Guidance as the Chairman of SRTEPC will help in growth of Manmade Fibre Textiles and Technical Textiles sectors.



20th March 2023

PM MITRA Parks will substantially synergize the Indian Textile Industry: Shri Dhiraj Raichand Shah, SRTEPC Chairman

With the 5F vision (i.e., Farm to Fibre to Factory to Fashion to Foreign) of Shri Narendra Modiji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, the Government announced 7 PM Mega Integrated Textile Regions and Apparel (PM MITRA) Parks for the Textile industry in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Shri Dhiraj Raichand Shah, Chairman, SRTEPC welcomes the PM MITRA Parks initiative of the government and thanks Shri Narendra Modiji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, for strengthening the Indian Textiles sector with the PM MITRA Parks. Shri Dhiraj Raichand Shah also thanked Shri Piyush Goyalji, Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Textiles, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution for his untiring efforts and engagements in formulating schemes like the PM MITRA Parks for further strengthening the textile industry.

SRTEPC Chairman mentioned that the PM MITRA Parks will encourage more investment, provide plug & play infrastructure, and generate more employment in India. On the export front, the PM MITRA Parks will enhance the competitiveness of our textile exports by helping it achieve economies of scale and maintain international quality. It will also attract global players to manufacture textiles in India making India a global hub for textile manufacturing and exports, Shri Dhiraj Raichand Shah added.

The Ministry of Textiles will oversee the execution of these projects. An SPV owned by Centre and State Government will be set up for each park which will oversee the implementation of the project. The Ministry of Textiles will provide financial support in the form of Development Capital Support upto Rs. 500 crore per park to the Park SPV. A Competitive Incentive Support (CIS) upto Rs 300 crore per park to the units in PM MITRA Park shall also be provided to incentivise speedy implementation. Convergence with other GOI schemes shall also be facilitated in order to ensure additional incentives to the Master Developer and investor units.

State governments will provide contiguous and encumbrance-free land parcel of at least 1000 acres of land and will also facilitate provision of all utilities, Reliable Power Supply and Water availability and Wastewater Disposal system, an effective single window clearance as well as a conducive and stable industrial/textile policy.

PM MITRA Parks represent a unique model where the Centre and State Governments will work together to increase investment, promote innovation, create job opportunities and ultimately make India a global hub for textile manufacturing and exports. Nearly Rs. 70,000 crores investment and 20 lakhs employment generation is envisaged through these parks.

PM MITRA Parks will substantially synergize the Indian Textile Industry and will help in positioning India as a leading global textile manufacturing and exporting hub, SRTEPC Chairman informed.