Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

INTERMODA GUADALAJARA in Mexico from 17 to 20 January, 2017


25th October 2016


Re: Invitation to participate in INTERMODA GUADALAJARA in Mexico from 17 to 20 January, 2017

Dear Sir/s,

We are glad to inform you that the Council, as a part of its approved Export Promotion Programmes for the year 2016-17, proposes to mobilize participation of its member-companies in INTERMODA GUADALAJARA under the MDA Scheme, which is scheduled to be held at Guadalajara in Mexico after a long gap of around 20 years in association with the Embassy of India in Mexico to further develop / expand our export-trade of MMF Textiles to the highly potential Mexican market in the Latin American Region.

Details of IM INTERMODA GUADALAJARA are as follows :

  1. Dates of the Exhibition                      : 17th to 20th January 2017 
                                                                (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  2. Venue of the Exhibition                     : Expo Guadalajara Exhibition Center
  3. Timings of the Exhibition                   : 17th to 19th Jan’17 – From 9 am to 8 pm  20th Jan’17 – from 9 am to 5 pm
  4. Products Coverage                             : Textile-items including Fabrics & Yarn ; Apparels,  Fashion Wears & Accessories ; and Leather Garments etc.
  • Why to participate in INTERMODA GUADALAJARA? :

INTERMODA GUADALAJARA is the South America’s one of the largest specialized Fairs of textiles & garments manufacturing industry.  This renowned International Fair was started little over 25 years ago with the objective of providing a professional business platform to all stakeholders in the Mexico´s textile sector.  Apart from Mexico, Buyers from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, USA, China, India, South Korea, Peru, Canada, Chile etc. also visit this renowned International Fair in Mexico.  The Fair attracts more than 10,000 Businessmen including top notch buyers of apparels, textiles, manufacturers of fashion wears & service providers.  The Fair will be supplemented with a number of Conferences on color textures and fabrics as well as fashion shows – highlighting new trends and merchandising.  This mega event brings together Mexican and International companies, manufacturers, importers, and distributors.  This 4-day show is held twice a year during January (for Spring-Summer Collections), and July (for Fall-Winter Collections).  It is an ideal platform to publicize the Indian brand and step up sales, launch new products and expand company’s network of business contacts in the highly potential Latin American market.

  • Market Potential : Mexico is a growing market for textiles and clothing products. Exports of Indian MMF textiles to Mexico have been steadily growing and during 2013-14. Mexico has emerged as the 20th leading market for India’s MMF exports. Mexico is also a potential market for other textile products like Apparels, Silk, Cotton, etc. Mexico imported around US$ 10 billion of various textile products during 2014. However, Indian share in Mexico’s total imports of textiles and clothing is only 3.03% - amounting to US$ 313 million. Hence, there is substantial scope for all segments of Indian textiles to increase their market shares in Mexico.  The highlights of the Mexican Textile & Clothing market are as follows :
  • Mexico’s total import of T & C from world during 2015 was over US$ 10 billion in which India’s share was only 3%.
  • Mexico’s total import of apparels from world during 2015 was over US$ 3 billion in which India’s share was only 5.5%.
  • Mexico’s total import of manmade/synthetic textiles from world during 2015 was over US$ 5 billion in which India’s share was only 2% (US$ 102 million).
  • Countries, which are supplying manmade/synthetic textiles to Mexico are USA, China, Taipei, Korea, India, Italy, Canada, etc. As far as total T & C are concerned major suppliers are China, USA, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc.

Publicity & Promotion: INTERMODA GUADALAJARA, a renowned International Exhibition in the Latin American Region, will extensively be publicized by the Organizers to ensure footfalls of a good number of potential Mexican as well as International Buyers from the neighboring South American countries --- most importantly from USA and Canada to the above Event for discussing business with representatives of concerned Exhibiting companies.  In addition to this, the Council also proposes to publicize the Event by direct invitations, mass-mailing & compiling a separate Exhibitors Catalogue – containing profiles of Indian Exhibitors to target buyers/traders of textiles.

Booking of air-tickets, hotel accommodations, & assistance for VisaThe Council will offer necessary assistance to representatives of participating companies for all the matters relating to the booking of air-tickets, arranging Hotel accommodations and obtain their Visas.  As regards Visa, the Council will arrange to get passport details of participants (not more than three) endorsed by the concerned authority in Mexico through the Embassy of India, and help participants to obtain their Visa to visit Mexico.  

Participation fees: An amount of Rs.1.90 lakhs is fixed towards participation fee in the above Exhibition for a Standard booth of  12.96 sqm (3.60 m x 3.60 m), as 9 sqm sized booths are not given at the Fair by the Organisers.  In this connection, an Early Bird Discount of Rs.5,000 will be given to those confirming participation in the Exhibition along with full payment and duly filled-in Application Form at the earliest but not later than 8th November 2016 (Tuesday).  Please note, this Early Bird Discount will not be available on the expiry of the stipulated date, as mentioned above. However, confirming participation in this International Fair in Mexico will remain open only upto 17th November, 2016 (Thursday), which will not be extended thereafter.

Marketing Development Assistance (MDA): Since the above programme has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry for offering financial assistance to member-participants through MDA grant to all member participants --- irrespective of their company-turnovers (as the programme is being organized in the LAC Region) will be eligible to get MDA reimbursement.  Since the objective of the Council is to offer MDA Grant to 20 companies, and also the Council has received a lump-sum amount in this regard from the Ministry for giving reimbursement to individual member-companies of the Council, an amount of Rs.1.25 lakhs will be given to each of the participating companies as financial assistance through MDA Scheme of our Govt.  However, in case, the number of total participants becomes smaller than 20 stipulated number of companies (minimum number is 15 companies), then amount of MDA grant to an individual member-participant will go up to a maximum amount of Rs.1.67 lakhs with a minimum number of 15 participants.

Terms and Conditions: All Participants will be given a standard sized exhibition-booth of 12.96 sqm (3.60m x 3.60m) but not 9 sqm (3m x 3m) each with furnitures & product display equipment etc. (as indicated below) on the basis of their availability to the Mexican Organizers of the Fair to arrange to display their products.   The other terms & conditions for participation in the above Exhibition are as follows:

  • The amount of Participation fee, as mentioned above, does not include any expense of representative(s) of participating firms like air-fares, hotel expenses etc.
  • Each selected Company will have to depute a minimum of one Senior Executive (but not more than 3) to the above Exhibition at its own costs.
  • Booth package, which will be offered to participants, will include one discussion table, three chairs, one rack or panel, lights, sign board, a locked counter with plants which are available to the Organisers of the Fair.  Any other extra requirements, not included above, will have to be borne by participants on the basis of additional costs, which will be charged by the Organizer of the Exhibition.
  • Member-participants will be selected absolutely on “First-come-First-serve” basis with full payment and dully filled in Application Form.  Hence, Applications coming to us without the above requirements will be considered deficient, and accordingly the same will not be accepted to offer Early Bird Discount.

Participation/Cancellation Policy: Cancellation will be decided on the basis of the following criteria:

  • 80% cancellation charge, if participation is withdrawn just after 7 days from the last date of application.
  • No refund will be available, if participation is withdrawn on any date thereafter.

How to apply: Members, who are interested in participating in the above Exhibition, are therefore, requested to immediately confirm their participation by sending the duly filled-in enclosed Application Form (pdf) (doc) on the basis of above terms & conditions and with the full amount of participation fee, as indicated above. Confirmation of participation in above Exhibition will only be accepted, if participants send their full participation charge through a cheque /DD drawn in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai” at the earliest but not later than 17th November, 2016.  Participation charge may also be transferred to the Council on the basis of the RTGS details given in the “Application Form (pdf) (doc)”.  


Awaiting your confirmation for participation very soon.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,


Encl: Application Form (pdf) (doc)