The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Renewal of Council's Membership for the year 2024-2025 through DGFT portal



13th May 2024

To: Members of the Council (2023-24)

Sub: Renewal of Council's Membership for the year 2024-2025 through DGFT portal

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly refer to our circular dated March 20th, 2024, on the above subject - a copy of which is reproduced below for your ready reference.

However, some of the members have still not renewed their membership with the Council for the year 2024-25. Kindly note that non-renewal of membership will lead to the cancellation of your membership with the Council.

Further, we are glad to update you that the Council provides the following benefits to its registered members:

  1. RCMC Certificate
  • RCMC or Registration-cum-Membership Certification (RCMC) is essential for claiming specific export benefits and subsidies under schemes such as Advance License, EPCG, etc.
  • RCMC is necessary to acquire a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) under GST for exporting goods without duty payment.
  • Merchant Exporters can procure goods meant for export from the manufacturer at 0.1% GST, instead of the regular GST applicable to the product. This facility is available if the merchant exporter has a valid RCMC Certificate.
  • Members can avail exemption of bank guarantee under Advance Authorization, DFIA and EPCG Schemes if they have a valid RCMC.
  • Members can obtain non-preferential certificate of origin online through DGFT portal.
  1. Showcase your business.
  • Trade fairs: Members can participate in international trade fairs at subsidized rate under the MAI scheme.
  1. Get Access to India's Market Intelligence Reports, Data and Publication
  • Export - Import Data
  • Monthly Publication
  • Daily News Briefing (Market Watch)
  1. Policy Support
  • The Council constantly interacts with members to understand the latest trade issues and addresses them with relevant government authorities such as DoC DGFT, RBI, CBEC, DoR, and Indian missions abroad for prompt resolution.
  • Members receive regular updates on government-issued policy circulars.
  1. Other benefits
  • Visa Recommendation: The Council provides visa recommendation letters to its members.
  • Handholding: Members can directly interact with Council’s officials for clarifications and assistance in case of trade issues
  • Seminars/ Webinars: Only registered Members can participate in seminars, webinars, and other programmes.
  • Council circulates the buyer’s trade enquiry to its registered members only.

We are glad to inform you that the name of our Council has been changed from The Synthetic & Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) to Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL). The change is in line with the contemporary requirements and also due to the fact that the Government has assigned the role of export promotion of Technical Textiles to our Council in addition to Manmade Fibre Textiles like Fibre, Yarn, Fabrics & Made ups (including Home Textiles).

In view of the above, we would once again request you to please renew your membership with the Council on or before May 31st, 2024. Please ignore this email if you have already renewed your membership. For any query, please feel free to call us on 02262318282 (Membership Dept) or mail us at

Thanking you,


A. Ravi Kumar
Executive Director

20th March 2024

To: Members of the Council (2023-24)

Sub: Renewal of Council's Membership for the year 2024-2025 through DGFT portal

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to draw your kind attention to the fact that your Membership with our Council need to be renewed for the year 2024-25.

In this regard,  your kind attention is drawn towards Directives ( from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), that it is mandatory to issue/renew the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) through the DGFT portal exclusively.

You are requested to renew your RCMC online by visiting the DGFT website at You may refer to the step-by-step guidelines for the renewal of RCMC by following this link:

Kindly note that the annual renewal fee is Rs. 12,331 (including GST) and for Small Scale Industries (SSI) units (holding a valid Udyam Certificate) it is Rs. 8,201/-. However, for Medium scale Industries applicable fee will be Rs. 12,331/-. You are requested to please renew your RCMC latest by April 30, 2024.

Members also have got the option of renewing Membership for 5 years. The Renewal Fee structure are as follows:

No of years Renewal



One Year



Two Years



Three Years



Four Years



Five Years




We would request you to kindly renew your Membership with our Council by following the procedure mentioned above.

In case, you need any further clarification or guidance, please get in touch with us (Membership Department- 022-62318282).

We look forward towards your continued association with us and hope that you will renew the Membership.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Thanking you

A. Ravi Kumar
Executive Director