Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Amnesty Scheme for Advance Authorization and EPCG Scheme

Circular No: ES/Cir/28/2023-24                                                                                                                 December 16, 2023   

To: Members of the Council 

Sub: Amnesty Scheme for Advance Authorization and EPCG Scheme 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

The Regional Office of DGFT, Mumbai have put in place an Amnesty Scheme for Advance Authorization and EPCG Scheme under which exporters have been given an opportunity to regularize cases of shortfalls in fulfilling of Export Obligations under these schemes. The last date to register on the DGFT Portal to avail this facility is 31.12.2023. 

A copy of email dated 14.12.2023 received from Additional DGFT is re-produced below which is self-explanatory. 

You are requested to please take a note of the above and do the needful. 

In case, you need any further clarification or guidance in the matter please get in touch with us. 


Thanking You 


A. Ravi Kumar
Executive Director 




Sub: Amnesty Scheme for Advance Authorization and EPCG Scheme 


Dear Authorization Holder, 


Your attention is invited to Public Notice No. 2/2023 dated 1st April 2023  read with Public Notice 7/2023 dated 18th April 2023 and Policy Circular No. 1/2023-24 dated 17.04.2023 issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade under Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India wherein “Amnesty Scheme for One Time Settlement of Default in Export obligation by Advance and EPCG Authorization holders” has been announced. The deadline to file applications to DGFT offices under the Amnesty Scheme was initially 30.06.2023 and was extended to 31.12.2023 vide Public Notice 20 dated 30.06.2023. 


  1. Therefore, the deadline for submission of applications now is 31.12.2023. 
  2. This scheme covers the Advance Authorization Scheme (all variants) and EPCG Scheme (all variants), of the following categories: 
    1. Authorizations issued under Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 from 27.08.2009 till 31.03.2015. 

    2. Authorizations issued under Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009 and before, wherein the Export Obligation period (Original or Extended) are valid beyond 12.08.2013. 

  3. Benefit allowed under the Scheme: If you have defaulted in meeting the Export Obligation (EO), partially or fully of Authorization(s) then you may regularize the same by making payment of all applicable Customs Duties that were exempted with respect to your Authorization issued in proportion to unfulfilled EO and interest payable thereon provided the interest value shall not exceed 100% amount of the exempted duty applicable. Also, you are not required to pay the interest on the portion of Additional Customs Duty and Special Additional Customs Duty.  May note that any penalty liable under FT(D&R) Act has also been waived off, for authorization holders opting for the Scheme. 
  4. Procedure for Registration & Application; For applying under the said Scheme subject to provisions of the Amnesty Scheme, Authorization(s) holders are requested to refer to Policy Circular No. 1/2023-24 dated 17.04.2023, wherein the filing of the online application has been prescribed which is reproduced herein below for your convenience: 
    1. Application for Advance Authorization/ EPCG discharge/ closure shall be filed online by logging onto the DGFT website and navigating to the services-à Advance authorizations/DFIA--à Closure of Advance authorization. For EPCG please navigate to services--à EPCG-à Closure of EPCG
    2. The Applicant shall select the checkbox for “Amnesty Scheme for One Time Settlement of Default in Export obligation” and proceed to file an application for closure against the concerned EPCG or Advance Authorization(s) as per the online proforma. 
    3. For further guidance, please refer to the Help Manual on DGFT website-à Learn-à Application help & FAQs -à Advance Authorization Closure Help document or EPCG Help Document
  5. An option of manual submission is also available which has been explained in the Policy Circular 02/2023-24 dated 23.06.2023. 
  6. Timelines under the Scheme: The benefits of the scheme can be availed by registering as per above mechanism on or before 31.12.2023 and payment of Customs Duty plus interest should be completed by 31.03.2024. 
  7. This golden opportunity for Authorization Holders to regularize their cases must not be missed. Exporters who have defaulted in completion of EO may not that under this scheme the interest payable on the Customs Duty will not exceed the amount of exempted Custom Duty. Further, there is no penalty and also interest payable on the portion of Additional Customs Duty and Special Additional Customs Duty is not required to be paid. 
  8. Please assess your accounts and apply for this Scheme if eligible, before 31.12.2023. 



Office of Additional DGFT