Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Automatic System-Based Issuance of Status Holder Certificate (e-SHC)

Circular No: ES/Cir/08/2023-24                                                                      October 10,2023 

Dear Members, 

Sub: Automatic System-Based Issuance of Status Holder Certificate (e-SHC)

DGFT has issued Trade Notice No. 28/2023-24 dated October 9, 2023, outlining the detailed procedure for the automatic system-based issuance of Status Holder Certificates (e-SHC). This procedure eliminates the need for exporters to file any applications to obtain the certificate.
A new IT module to recognize and certify the export performance of individual companies has been developed under which, the Status Holder Certificate (SHC) will be electronically generated based on export data available in the  DGCI&S database. 
The e-SHC will be made available to the exporting entity in their registered email and the customer dashboard @ DGFT portal (, after necessary IT iterations, by 15th of August each year. The data set used for the Status categorization will be the merchandise export performance of the preceding 3 financial years plus the 3-months export data from April to June of the current financial year. 
The Trade Notice further clarifies as follows:  
  1. All such exporters who do not receive their e-SHCs within 48 hours of issue of this Trade Notice will need to make an application, if not already made, for grant of Status Certificate as per the FTP 2023 provisions in the existing IT module along with supporting CA certificate. 
  2. Further, all already filed pending/in-process Status applications under FTP 2023 will be scrutinized by the IT system for auto-issuance of Status Holder Certificate where the applied Status category is the same as identified by the system. Such Files will be shown as ‘closed’ after auto-issue.

A copy of DGFT Trade Notice No. 28/2023-24 dated October 9, 2023, is enclosed herewith. This is for your information. 

In case, you need any further clarification in this regard, please get in touch with us or send us your query on the Email ID:


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A. Ravi Kumar 

Executive Director 


Encl: DGFT Trade Notice No. 28/2023-24 (click to download)