Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Formulation of National Trade Facilitation Action Plan (NTFAP) 2023- 2026–reg

REF. MR/CIR/2023-24/00151                                                                 25 Sept. 2023  


To, Members of The Council  


Dear Sir/ Madam, 


Sub: Formulation of National Trade Facilitation Action Plan (NTFAP) 2023- 2026–reg.


This is to inform that the National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF), Headed by the Cabinet Secretary is in the process of formulation of National Trade Facilitation Action Plans (NTFAPs) 2023-2026. The NTFAPs provide a Roadmap for Trade Facilitation and anchor the Government’s concerted efforts. NCTF has drawn successive NTFAPs for the years 2017-20 and 2020-23, in consultation with the stakeholders.  


Now, for the NTFAP 2023-26 Government is requesting the Council to provide Action Points in consultation with our members. The NTFAPs are built upon three major areas namely Regulatory, Technology and Infrastructure besides covering a wide gamut of trade Facilitation measures.  


It is noteworthy that a consultative process enables a wider and meaningful participation of trade and industry in the process of formulation and implementation of the action plans.  


For formulation of NTFAP 2023-2026 inputs of our members are sought in the format given below:  


 S. No. 

Action Point 

Key Performance Indicators 

Time Required for Implementation 


















Your valuable inputs in the areas such as Regulatory, Technology and Infrastructure and other vital trade Facilitation measures will help the government to understand the challenges being faced not only in exports front but also in production and logistics and to suitable address the same.  


Kindly provide your inputs through email to with a CC to on or before 30th of September 2023. 


Thanking You,



A Ravi Kumar 

Executive Director