Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Anonymised Escalation Mechanism under Faceless Assessment

Circular No. ES/98/2022-23                          4th October, 2022       


To: Members of the Council           


Sub: Anonymised Escalation Mechanism under Faceless Assessment 


Dear Member,           


JNCH has issued Public Notice No.58/2022 dated September 2022 (enclosed informing about the operationalisation of Anonymised Escalation Mechanism.



According to this Mechanism an Importer / Customs Broker can raise a grievance in case of delay in assessment of a Bill of Entry, for escalation to the concerned Faceless Assessment Group, while maintaining anonymity of the officer and location where the B/E is pending for assessment. 
The tickets raised will be routed to the Customs officers having VDN and ADN roles in ICES for monitoring and follow up. 
In this regard, the Additional, Commissioner of Customs, TSK Section, NS-III, JNCH has been nominated as Nodal Officer for the purpose of monitoring Anonymized Escalation tickets under Faceless Assessment.
A Detailed Advisory (enclosed) has been issued and uploaded on the ICEGATE website outlining step by step process for registration of grievance by the importers/Custom Brokers.  


This is for your information.  
Thanking you,                      

S. BALARAJU