Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Amendment in para 5.15 of HBP 2015-20 related to EPCG Scheme

Circular No. ES/96/2022-23                          30th September, 2022       


To: Members of the Council           


Sub: Amendment in para 5.15 of HBP 2015-20 related to EPCG Scheme 


Dear Member,           


DGFT vide Public Notice No.27/2015-20 dated 29th September 2022 has amended Para 5.15 of Handbook of Procedures (HBP) 2015-20 for Export Promotion Capital Goods (‘EPCG’) Scheme so as to extend the last date for filing of returns for the year 2022-23 from 30th September 2022 till 31st December 2022. 


These amendments are applicable for EPCG authorization issued under FTP 2015-20.


A copy of the Public Notice is enclosed herewith. 


This is for your information.  


Thanking you,                      



S. BALARAJU