Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Constitution of Trade Promotion Division at O/o Addl. DGFT (Mumbai)

Circular No.ES/36/2022-23                                                  16th June, 2022      


To: Members of the Council         


Sub: Constitution of Trade Promotion Division at O/o Addl. DGFT (Mumbai) 


Dear Member,        


We would like to inform you that O/o Additional DGFT, Mumbai has issued a Trade Notice No.1 dated 14th June, 2022 regarding constitution of Trade Promotion Division at its office to strengthen exporter’s connectivity and drive effective grass root initiatives. 


The Trade Promotion Division has been created with an objective to promote Indian exports through–  

  • Identification of focus products/sectors/markets  
  • Robust target setting 
  • Strong industry collaborations 
  • Training and Advisory 
  • State/District initiatives 


The Division will focus on the following 4 major activities: 

  1. State initiatives 
  2. Exporter’s Advisory and Industry relations 
  3. Exporter’s training 
  4. Trade events 


Members are requested to kindly avail the above facility and also send your suggestions/inputs related to Export Promotion to O/o Addl. DGFT (Mumbai) at ( and satya.grandhi@gov.inwith a copy marked to the Council ( and at the earliest for effective functioning of the Trade Promotion Wing. 


Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful as advised by O/o Addl. DGFT (Mumbai).  


Thanking you,                        


Yours faithfully,