Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Changes in System with respect of AD Code Registration in exports

Circular No.ES/35/2022-23                                                                                   15th June, 2022    



 To: Members of the Council    


Sub:  Changes in System with respect of AD Code Registration in exports 


Dear Member,       


The O/o Directorate General of Systems and Data Management has issued an Advisory No. 10/2022 dated 14th June, 2022 on the above subject. 


The Directorate Office has informed that there was a demand from trade that an AD code should require to be registered only once in Customs System for filing documents across all the customs locations.  


To facilitate Trade, following changes have been made in the System for AD Registration –  


Erstwhile (Former) Process 

Current Process 

  • AD Code with associated bank account registration in System was a one-time process for an IEC for filing of document (i.e.Shipping Bill) at any Customs EDI port.  
  • AD code with associated bank account will now be required to be registered in the System at only one port, and thereafter, the AD code would be available at all Customs locations. 
  • An AD Code was required to be registered at every port where documents were filed.  


  • There could be multiple AD codes associated with an IEC at various ports.  


  • The registration request could be made online either through ICEGATE ID or at the Customs House.  
  • For any new AD code registration (or updation) at any port, the same has to be registered through online request at ICEGATE. 
  • The same was to be approved by an officer at every individual port, where the IEC sought the registration of the AD code. 



  • The option to Add/Modify the AD code and account against an IEC has been disabled in ICES under “CLK” role. As in the existing procedure, the request would be approved by the officer under the CLK role at that particular port. 


  • Once an AD code is registered against an IEC at any port, the same can be used for all ports. 


  • There is no requirement of separate registration at other ports for filing documents. 


  • Further, any change/amendment in the particular AD code account details will have to be done at that port of registration only i.e. the port chosen by the IEC at the time of making application for registration


  • There can be multiple AD codes and associated accounts registered against an IEC. No changes have been made in this regard. 


  • Thus, all multiple AD codes will have to be registered in the System at any one of the ports as explained above. 


  • Hence, for an IEC, there can be different ports of registration for different AD codes. 


  • For existing AD code(s) and associated accounts registered for an IEC, the Customs port, where the last Shipping Bill with a particular AD code was filed, has been taken as the port of registration for that AD code in the System. 


  • The details of port of registration for each registered AD code against an IEC would be available on the ICEGATE login ID under Bank Account Leveraging Technology for Serving Taxpayers Management Option. 


  • Any change/amendment in the particular AD code account details will have to be done at that port only. 


Members may kindly make a note of this Important Advisory and do as directed.  


Thanking you,                 


Yours faithfully,      


S. BALARAJU