Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Attention needed on Exports to UAE under the India-UAE CEPA

REF. MR/CIR/2022-23/0030                                                                           31st May, 2022   

To the Members of the Council,

Sub: Attention needed on Exports to UAE under the India-UAE CEPA

As all are aware, the India-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) has already been implemented by both the countries from 1st of May 2022. Under the India – UAE CEPA, all the Textile products including the Manmade fibre and blended textiles are getting Duty Free Market Access in UAE from the day one of implementation of the CEPA. 

We understand that the Member-exporters of this Council have already started availing the India-UAE CEPA concessional tariff benefits while exporting to UAE. However, it has been observed that there have been issues at some of the Customs in UAE regarding honouring the concessional tariff benefits to exports from India due to some discrepancies in declaration of HS Code and Origin criterion on the Certificate of Origin. This is happening because the HS Tariff Classification Number at 8-digit level are different in the Offered Tariff Schedules of both UAE and India. Moreover, there are specific Product Specific Rules of Origin Criteria for the HS Lines.  

Therefore, it is suggested the Member-exporters to carefully provide the trade information including the HS Tariff Classification Number, Origin criterion on the Certificate of Origin, etc. necessary while exporting to UAE. 

To help the Member-exporters provide correct information, it is requested to record and refer the following details (attached/ link): 

  1. Schedule of Specific Tariff Commitments of United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Trade in Goods. (For HS Tariff Classification Number)
  2. Product Specific Rules (For Origin Criteria), and
  3.  Certificate of Origin lssuing Authorities of the Government of India.  

Hope, the above-mentioned inputs will be helpful for the Member-exporters to take advantage of the UAE market with the benefits of the India-UAE CEPA.

If Members still find any kinds of challenges, then please get in touch with the Council and write to,

Thank you.