Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Commencement of Examination facility at CPP for Direct Port Entry for factory-sealed /self-sealed export containers in Customs Mumbai Zone -II

Circular No. ES/3/2022-23                                                4th April, 2022      


To: Members of the Council          


Sub:  Commencement of Examination facility at CPP for Direct Port Entry for factory-sealed /self-sealed export containers in Customs Mumbai Zone -II 


Dear Member,     


This is to inform you that JNCH has issued Public Notice No. 19/2022 dated 24th March, 2022 on the above subject.


As you may be aware, the work pertaining to all the three Parking Plazas viz JNPCT, NSICT/NSIGT and GTI had been shifted to Centralized Parking Plaza (CPP) from 26th October, 2020 to provide single point Documentation Processing Area of all Direct Port Entry (DPE) self-sealed containers (Public Notice No.: 138/2020 dtd 23rd October, 2020). M/s. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust has been the custodian of the said Centralized Parking Plaza. 


To further facilitate the trade, an examination area inside CPP had been notified vide Public Notice 12/2022 dtd 18th February, 2022. M/s. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust has been approved as “Customs Cargo Service Provider" under Regulation 10 of “Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations, 2009” for examination of factory sealed/ self-sealed export containers inside CPP (all types of cargo except Hazardous Cargo) by Commissioner of Customs (General), JNCH.  


In order to bring clarity on Examination of factory-sealed/self-sealed containerized cargo at the Examination area in CPP which has been declared as an examination area under the custody of JNPT, the following procedure shall now be followed at JNCH.  

  1. The containers which are gated in into CPP, if directed by Risk Management System (RMS) system for examination, will be mandatorily examined in the examination area of CPP.  

  2. Other procedures as prescribed by PN 76/2016 dtd 01.12.2016, PN 78/2016 dtd 03.06.2016. & PN 39/2019 dtd 30.04.2019 will continue to remain in force except for examination of factory-sealed/self-sealed containers arriving in CPP for exports.  

  3. Hazardous cargo in containers arriving in CPP will be examined in the previously prescribed procedure as deliberated in PN 46/2017 dtd 31.03.2017 and PN 94/2017 dtd 11.07.2017.  

  4. Facility offered by PN 39/2019 dated 30.04.2019 for routing of self-sealed export containers through CFS’s under the Jurisdiction of JNCH will continue-subjected to conditions prescribed in that P.N.    

In case of exigencies, containerised cargo arriving in CPP will be permitted to be taken to other CFS’s for examination after approval of the Joint Commissioner of Customs in charge of Centralised Parking Plaza.  

Members may kindly make a note of the above.        Thanking you,                       Yours faithfully,       S. BALARAJU EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR