Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

DGFT Helpdesk for Russia-Ukraine related International Trade Issues

Circular No. ES/252/2021-22                                                            26th February, 2022    


 To: Members of the Council           


Sub:  DGFT Helpdesk for Russia-Ukraine related International Trade Issues


Dear Member,   


O/o DGFT has issued Trade Notice No. 36/2021-2022 dated 25th February, 2022 informing about a DGFT Helpdesk for Russia-Ukraine related International Trade Issues.


In view of the current international situation, Dept. of Commerce and DGFT have undertaken to monitor the status and related difficulties being faced by stakeholders on Russia/Ukraine trade related issues. Dept. of Commerce/DGFT has operationalised a Helpdesk to support and seek suitable resolutions to issues related to India’s International Trade in this regard with immediate effect.


Export-Import community may kindly submit details of their issues on the DGFT website, on which support is required, using the following steps—


i)      Navigate to the DGFT Website ( >>> Services >>> DGFT Helpdesk Service.

ii)            ‘Create New Request’ and select the Category as ‘Russia-Ukraine’.


Alternatively, you may kindly send your issues directly over email to: with the subject header: ‘Russia-Ukraine Trade Helpdesk’ with a copy marked to the Council ( and You can even call the DGFT’s Toll-Free No at 1800-111-550.


The status may be tracked using the Status tracker under the DGFT Helpdesk Services. Email and SMS would be generated for immediate intimation as and when the status of these tickets are updated. DGFT has requested the Trade Community to make use of the given Helpdesk facility suitably.


Further, a weekly meeting with concerned exporters/importers/other trade stakeholders will also be held by DGFT & FT(CIS) division of Dept. of Commerce every Monday at 03:00 pm IST via Video Conference. Concerned stakeholders may consider joining the said virtual meeting to flag specific issues.


The web-link for the proposed Video Conference is as follows:


Meeting Password: 1234


Members concerned may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful at the earliest. 


Thanking you,                   


Yours faithfully,                    


S. BALARAJU