Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Expeditious clearance of exports

Circular No. ES/244/2021-22                                                            15th February, 2022    


To: Members of the Council           


Sub: Expeditious clearance of exports 


Dear Member,  


JNCH has issued Public Notice No.10/2022 dated 07th February, 2022 regarding expeditious clearance of exports. 


Your kind attention is invited to various other decisions/measures communicated through Public Notices issued from time to time by JNCH for smooth clearing of export consignments and to reduce dwell time in export clearance. 


It has come to notice of JNCH that in certain cases of first-time export of goods, lack of clarity and awareness about the applicability of statutory requirements, has resulted in avoidable delays. Occasionally, the situation is compounded by generic instructions being communicated by the Risk Management System as Compulsory Compliance Requirements (CCRs). 


In this context, it is reiterated that the Customs Electronic Risk Management System (RMS) has a consolidated database of the CCRs arising out of various Allied Acts administered by various Govt. Depts. and implemented by Customs. Description and classification of the goods are some of the factors which trigger CCR requirements. But sometimes the CCR instructions are for a group of related items and some of the CCR instructions may not be relevant for specific item(s) in this group. A careful reading of all the instructions together will make this clear. If such clarity is not flowing from the CCR instructions and the officer finds a particular instruction to be inapplicable to the subject goods, the same shall be brought to the notice of the controlling officer.  

  • In other words, responsibility is cast on the trade to provide clear and specific description of goods and on the Shed officer for proper application of CCR instructions.  

  • The Shed officer shall scrupulously verify applicability of the CCRs for the specific items under exportation and refrain from insisting for unwarranted compliances.  

  • It should also be ensured that no consignment is held up without valid reason(s).  

  • In the case of genuine difficulty, the same may be reduced to writing and referred to the Joint/Additional Commissioner in charge of export examination, with the approval of Assistant/Deputy Commissioner Shed.  

  • The Assistant/Deputy Commissioner Shed shall exercise due care while escalating such cases are not referred as a matter of routine.  

In this context, the Joint/Additional Commissioner in charge of export examination, is hereby nominated as the Nodal Officer who can be approached by exporters in case of difficulties. Customs being the lead agency, the nodal officer shall not only take steps to resolve internal issues, but wherever possible, shall also coordinate with other stakeholders to expedite clearance of export goods. The Contact details of the nodal officer are as below:   Joint/Additional Commissioner of Customs, A-Wing, 7th Floor,   Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Taluka-Uran, Dist-Raigad-400707.   Ph. No. 022-27244855 / E-mail Id-  Members may kindly make a note of the above.    Thanking you,                      Yours faithfully,                       S. BALARAJU             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR