Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Inviting data from members for the following- (a) Determination of RoDTEP Rates for AA/EoU/SEZ exports and (b) Issues relating to errors or anomalies (for DTA units)

Circular No. ES/216/2021-22                                                                 21st December, 2021     


To: Members of the Council        

Sub: Inviting data from members for the following- (a)  Determination of RoDTEP Rates for AA/EoU/SEZ exports and (b)  Issues relating to errors or anomalies (for DTA units)

Dear Member,

Kindly refer to Council’s Circular Nos. ES/193/2021-22 and Circular No. ES/194/2021-22, both  dated 30th October, 2021 and a reminder thereof on the above subject.

Now, the Drawback Division, CBIC has slightly amended the RoDTEP Proforma which is enclosed herewith for your ready reference and for doing the needful. 

As per the earlier Proforma under Sr. No. 18C, the information was sought only for the Quantity of Input used in the Manufacture of Export Product.  

Now, the RoDTEP Committee has requested for the Value along with the Quantity used in the Manufacture of Export Product.  in Sr. No. 18C of the RoDTEP Proforma. 

We once again earnestly request our members to kindly re-send the filled-in Revised Proformas in the requisite formats (Profoma–1 for AA/ EoUs/ SEZ exports and Proforma–2 for DTA units) by 26th December, 2021 at the following email ids and enabling us to consolidate the proposals and submit the same to the Drawback Division for consideration within the specified time. 

Please note that the RoDTEP Proforma and the supporting documents must be certified by the manufacturer as well as your Cost Accountant/Chartered Accountant. 

In case if you have not sent the RoDTEP data to the Council, you may kindly expedite, since your data will prove beneficial to fix a proper RoDTEP rate for your products. 

We solicit your kind support and co-operation in this regard.  

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully, 


Encl.: (Profoma–1 for AA/ EoUs/ SEZ exports and Proforma–2 for DTA units)