Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Webinar on Global and Indian Economic Scenario with Rupee Strategy

REF. MR/CIR/2021-22/00108                              17 December 2021

To the Members of the Council,


Sub: Webinar on Global and Indian Economic Scenario with Rupee Strategy.

The international Trade is associated with a various foreign exchange risk. Risk can originate from global factors like geopolitical, economic, volatility oil prices and domestic factors like funds inflows, domestic inflation, twin deficits like current account as well as Fiscal deficit, etc. Also, the risks can arise in both the currencies like base currency or quoted currency. In such scenarios it becomes prudent for the traders, exporters/importers to utilize the appropriate Forex management strategy as far as exchange rates are concerned.

In today’s market scenarios, the hedger can utilise various strategies available like Vanilla Forwards, Vanilla Options and Option strategies (on Exchange and banks) to hedge his/her risk to receivable and payables, etc.

The deliberate on these emerging forex scenarios, the required strategies to tackle the same and to be successful in trade and business, the SRTEPC is holding a Webinar as per the following details:

Date & Time: 23rd December (Thursday) at 3.30 PM (IST)

Virtual Platform: Zoom, Registration Link:

Knowledge Partner: Finrex Treasury Advisors LLP

Presentation and deliberations will be centered on the following core issues:

  1. What is Foreign Exchange Management?
  2. What is required for successful forex Management?
  3. Exposure Management Techniques: Internal & External
  4. Hedging Strategies: Forward and Option
  5. Option: Put, Put Spread, Range Forward Strategies
  6. Factors affecting the Rupee, etc.

All the Member-exporters are requested to attend the Webinar and be updated on the current and emerging forex issues. To participate, request all to block your date and do register in advance through the above-mentioned Registration Link.

Thank you.