Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Advisory for utilisation of Northern Sea Route (NSR)

Circular No. ES/210/2021-22                                                      19th November, 2021      


To: Members of the Council         


Sub: Advisory for utilisation of Northern Sea Route (NSR) 


Dear Member, 


We would like to inform you that the Council has received a communication from the Under Secretary, FT(CIS), EP(CAP), ECGC and Exim Bank (Dept. of Commerce) regarding the  Northern Sea Route (NSR) in the northern part of Russia that could be utilized for transportation of goods for maximum benefits. 


The NSR is a shipping route officially defined by Russian legislation as lying east of Novaya Zemlya and specially running along the Russian Arctic coast from the Kara Sea, along Siberia, to the Bering Strait. The entire route lies in Arctic waters and within Russia’s exclusive economic zone.   


Members are requested to beneficially use the Northern Sea Route (NSR) for transportation of goods to Russia. 


Thanking you,           


Yours faithfully,   


S. BALARAJU