Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

24X7 Customs Clearance at ACC Imports, Mumbai

Circular No. ES/185/2021-22                                                         28th October, 2021      


To: Members of the Council         


Sub: 24X7 Customs Clearance at ACC Imports, Mumbai 


Dear Member,         


Air Cargo Complex (Sahar) has issued Public Notice No. 58/2021 dated 25th October, 2021 regarding 24X7 Customs Clearance at ACC Imports, Mumbai. 


Your kind attention is invited to Board's Circular No. 19/2014 dated 31.12.2014 and earlier public notice no. 43/2021 dated 13.07.2021 in respect of 24x7 clearance issued by this office. 


In continuation of the aforesaid circular and Public Notice, ACC has decided that out of charge of facilitated Bills of Entry shall be given 24x7 (including on Sundays and public holidays) at this port.  


A roster reflecting the deployment and arrangement of officers in this direction shall be issued by DC/Import Shed periodically, from the date of issue of this public notice, and it shall be displayed on ACC Mumbai website. 


In the light of round-the-clock working of Customs, the Custodians shall ensure that gate-passes are generated on 24x7 basis to facilitate clearances as intended. Custodians shall make all necessary arrangements with regard to infrastructure, space, machinery, and human resources for giving clearance 24x7 so that the clearances do not get hampered for want of requisite facilities. 


Please note that the above directions shall come into force w.e.f. the date of issuance of this public notice. All public notices issued in the past on the aforesaid issue stand modified to the above extent.  


Members may kindly make a note of the above.  


Thanking you,               


Yours faithfully,                


S. BALARAJU