Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Advisory Note to Public Notice No.13/2020 dated 23.01.2020

Circular No. ES/184/2021-22                                            25th October, 2021     


To: Members of the Council        

Sub: Advisory Note to Public Notice No.13/2020 dated 23.01.2020 


Dear Member,        


JNCH has issued Advisory Note dated 20th October, Public Notice No.13/2020 dated 23.01.2020 


JNCH has invited attention of all importers, customs brokers, general trade, port terminal operators, shipping lines/shipping agents, CFSs coming under the jurisdiction of JNCH and all other stakeholders to various Public Notices issued regarding ‘72 hours prior intimation’ to be given by importer for change of CFS through online DPD module. 


The procedure for giving 72 hours prior intimation request by Direct Port Delivery (DPD) importers for their submission/change of CFS in case of any particular consignment has been laid down in Public Notice no. 13/2020 dated 23.01.2020. However, it is observed that several importers have submitted multiple requests for change in CFS for particular consignment/ Bill of Lading. 


It may happen that due to change in CFS preference of importers, rectification of errors or multiple clicks of submission tabs. This creates request for multiple CFSs for particular bill of lading in database of DPD Portal. These multiple requests create confusion for the Shipping Lines at the time of stacking of consignments. 


Now, the issue has been examined by JNCH. In order to resolve such issues, JNCH has instructed to all concerned that in cases of multiple requests made for change in CFS for particular bill of lading/consignments, the latest request for change of CFS shall be taken as final request.  


Members may kindly make a note of the above. 


Thanking you,              


Yours faithfully,               


S. BALARAJU