Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Invitation to participate in COLOMBIATEX, Medellin from 25 to 27th January 2022

Date: 14th October 2021


Re: Invitation to participate in COLOMBIATEX, Medellin from 25 to 27th January 2022

Dear Members,

We are glad to inform you that the Council is organizing participation of its member-companies in Colombiatex in Medellin, Colombia from 25 to 27 January 2022 in association with Embassy of India in Bogota.  The participation of Indian companies in Colombiatex is supported by Ministries of Textiles/Commerce & Industry under the MAI Scheme of Govt. of India.

COLOMBIATEX is the largest Fair in Latin America for the entire Textile Value Chain, attracting buyers from all over the LAC region to source their textile requirements. The textile and apparel sector are one of the most important sectors in Colombia. The Colombian market offers tremendous opportunity for supply of yarns and fabrics for the manufacture of apparel.

The highlights of participation in COLOMBIATEX are as follows:

Name of the Fair                 : COLOMBIATEX

Name of the City                 : Medellin City, Colombia

Venue                                    : Convention and Exposition Center, Plaza Mayor

Duration of the Fair            : 3 Days (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) 

Dates                                     : 25th , 26th & 27th January, 2022

Name of the Organizers     : M/s Inexmoda, Medellin

Exhibitor Profiles              : Manufacturers, Exporters / Traders of Textiles, / Textiles Raw Materials, Textiles & Apparel Equipment and Machinery, specialized services.

Product Profile              : All types of Yarn, Fabrics, Fashion Fabrics including embroidered fabrics, Suiting, Shirting, Made-Ups, Fashion Accessories, Home Textiles etc, 

Minimum Number of participants: 15 member-companies under MAI Scheme.

Participation Fees: Rs.2.90 Lakhs for furnished booth of 9 sqm
                                  Rs.2.30 Lakhs for furnished booth of 7.5 sqm
                                  Corner booth will be charged additional @ Rs.10,000/-

Location of booths : 7 booths in White Pavilion / 6 booths in Blue Pavilion / 2 booths in Yellow Pavilion.

Please note that the participation fee is subsidized as per the MAI grant, but does not include airfare, hotel accommodation, transportation etc and the GST on participation fees has been waived off.

Booth package : 1 Table, 2 Chairs, 3 spot lights, Fascia Board, Carpet, 1 socket, 2 Fabric Display stands for Fabric Exhibitors / 3 Yarn Shelves for Yarn Exhibitors / 1 Fabric Stand and 2 Yarn Shelves for both (Yarn & Fabric) Exhibitors, 1 Dustbin.

Additional furnitures/equipments will be available with additional cost.

Publicity & Promotion : The event will be publicized extensively by Inexmoda, the Organizers of the renowned International Fair in Colombia. The Council will also publicize the Fair suitably through a separate Exhibitors Catalogue, sending invites to relevant textile importers in Colombia and coordinate with the Indian Embassy to promote the event to the leading importers of textiles & clothing, among other publicity measures.

Financial Grant

  1. As SRTEPC is organizing participation of member-companies in Colombiatex under the MAI Scheme of Govt, all eligible participating companies have been offered MAI subsidy for reduced amount of participation charge as above, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.
  2.  SRTEPC will provide to all eligible participants re-imbursement of costs of 2-way air-fares, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.  The reimbursement of cost of economy class air-fare to eligible participants will be limited with a maximum ceiling of Rs.1.25 Lakhs,  subject to approval of MOC under MAI Scheme.

Criteria for availing reimbursement of air-fare :

  • Reimbursement of air-fare is eligible to the exporting company having the export turnover below Rs.50 crores (FOB value) in the preceding financial year.
  • Members to have completed 12 months of Membership and is regularly filing Export returns with the Council.
  • Permissible only to the regular Director / Partner/ Proprietor or a regular officer of the company on Senior Managerial Position (not admissible to a foreign national)
  • Claim forms duly filled in and complete in all respects must be submitted to the Council within 45 days of completion of event.
  • Initial Application form for claiming re-imbursement of air-fare should reach to Council 14 days prior to your departure date.

Conditions for availing MAI subsidy:

  1. An exporter can avail MAI benefit for participation in 3 approved events in a financial year. 4th time participation in the Fair will be allowed without MAI subsidy.
  2. An exporter can claim MAI benefit for participation in one booth only. Additional booths can be booked by the participant without MAI benefit (One booth per company only for MAI eligibility)
  3. A maximum of three participations in a particular trade fair/exhibition would only be eligible for MAI assistance, i.e., members who have availed assistance three times (including past cases) for a particular fair/exhibition, thereafter, have to participate in that fair on their own.

Visa: Though participants will have to obtain their visa on their own, the Council shall, however, facilitate their efforts to get Colombian Visa with the help of the Indian Embassy in Bogota, and the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India

Colombian Textile & Clothing Markets:


India's Exports to Colombia 

(In US$ mn) 

Colombia's import from World 

(In US$ mn) 

India's % share 













Major HS lines being exported from India to Colombia during last three years:

HS Code 

Product Description 

Exports during 2018 (In USD mn) 

Exports during 2019 (In US$ mn) 

Exports during 2020 (In US$ mn) 


Yarn of synthetic staple fibres (excluding sewing thread and yarn put up for retail sale) 





Synthetic filament yarn, incl. synthetic monofilaments of < 67 decitex (excluding sewing thread . . . 





Woven fabrics containing predominantly, but < 85% synthetic staple fibres by weight, other . . . 





Synthetic staple fibres, not carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning 





Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn, incl. monofilament of >= 67 decitex and with a cross . . . 





Yarn of artificial staple fibres (excluding sewing thread and yarn put up for retail sale) 





Woven fabrics containing predominantly, but < 85% synthetic staple fibres by weight, mixed . . . 





Yarn of man-made staple fibres, put up for retail sale (excluding sewing thread) 




Apply for participation: Exporters registered with SRTEPC, and other Textile and Apparel EPC’s can apply for participation. Members interested to participate in the above event are requested to fill the “Online Reply Form” along with the participation fee by way of Demand Draft/Cheque at par in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai”. Participation charge may also be sent to the Council through RTGS/NEFT transfer based on the Bank details, given in the Reply Form. Participation will be accepted on “First-come-First served “basis.

Considering the limited availability of time for confirmation of participation in the above Fair, we look forward to receiving your confirmation on or before 25th October 2021 with fully payment.

Cancellation Policy:

Withdrawal of participation from the above Fair will be allowed based on the following:

  • 80% Cancellation charge, if withdrawn on or before 30th October 2021
  • No refund will be available, if withdrawn thereafter.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation soon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


S. Balaraju
Executive Director

Encl: Online Reply Form