Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Template for willingness of units and calling document prior to JIT visit


To: Members of the Council 



Sub:  Template for willingness of units and calling document prior to JIT visit 

Dear Member,        


As you are aware, Office of the Textile Commissioner, Mumbai has been conducting special JIT physical verification for the cases under previous version of TUFS viz., M-TUFS, R-TUFS and RR-TUFS. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the movement, O/o TXC has been proactive and conducting the JIT physical verification regularly. 

O/o TxC had conducted a performance review meeting on previous version of TUFS on 20tth July 2021 and decided that the Regional O/o TxCs to ascertain the willingness of units for special JIT well in advance to ensure hassle-free special JIT for the cases under RR-TUFS. In this regard, O/o TXC has issued a communication: F.No. 5(5)/Review Meeting with Ros/2021/RRTUFS/35 dated 2nd September, 2021. 

Members concerned are requested to follow the timelines as mentioned in the communication of O/o Textile Commissioner. 

Thanking you,               


Yours faithfully,                


S. BALARAJU