Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Amendment in para 2.107 of Handbook of Procedure 2015-2020

Circular No. ES/146/2021-22                                         8th September, 2021         


To: Members of the Council               


Sub: Amendment in para 2.107 of Handbook of Procedure 2015-2020 


Dear Member, 


Vide Public Notice No. 23/2015-20 dated 7th September, 2021, DGFT has revised Para 2.107 (TRQ under FTA/CECA) under HBP 2015-20 to incorporate the following items under the Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) under India-Mauritius CECPA, besides laying down the procedure for import of the following items under TRQ as Annexure III to Appendix 2A in accordance with Table 4 of Notification No. 25/2021 – Customs dated 31st March, 2021 on India-Mauritius CECPA: 


Relevant extract of the Public Notice is given below: 



HS No. 

In/Out of quota rate (%) as per WTO 

In-quota Tariff rate 


Tariff Rate Quota Quantity 

Following items are permitted under the TRQ under India- Mauritius CECPA # 

Articles of Apparel and Clothing Accessories  

6102, 6103, 6104, 6105, 6106, 6109, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6203, 6304 

Details of the HS Codes as in Table 3 of the above Notification 

7.5 million pieces $ 

# Imports will be permitted subject to the arrangements/ Procedure as laid down in Annexure- III of Appendix 2A. 


$ Out of total quota of 7.5 million pieces, at least 5 million pieces of aggregate of all such items have been manufactured from yarn/ fabric sourced from India. 


Annexure III of Appendix 2A is annexed to Public Notice No. 23/2015-20 dated 7th September, 2021


For detailed information, members may kindly refer to Public Notice No. 23/2015-20 dated 7th September, 2021 and Annexure III of Appendix 2A. 


Members may kindly make a note of the above. 


Thanking you,     


Yours faithfully,