Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

REMINDER-1: Suggestions for Pre-Budget Proposals for the year 2022-23

Circular No. ES/136/2021-22                                                                          27th August, 2021         



To: Members of the Council                     

Sub: REMINDER-1: Suggestions for Pre-Budget Proposals for the year 2022-23 

Dear Member, 

Kindly refer to Council’s earlier Circular No. ES/132/2021-22 dated 19th August, 2021 regarding suggestions for Pre-Budget Proposals for the year 2022-23.           

As the Pre-Budget exercise for the next Financial Year i.e. 2022-23 has been initiated by the Government of India, we would like to inform you that the Council has received a communication from the EP-Textiles Division, Deptt. of Commerce, seeking suggestions for Pre-Budget Proposals 2022–-23. In this connection, we seek your suggestions for inclusion in the Pre-Budget Proposals 2022–23.  

Please make a note of the following: 

1) Budget Proposals should be complete in all respects, properly categorized and HS Codes for each commodity must be provided. 
2)Your suggestion may be supplemented and justified with relevant information to support your proposal. 
3) Suggestions/ Inputs may be sent under three broad heads given below at Annexure- I:  

                                                                                         Annexure- I 

Sr. No. 

Company Name &  

IEC No. 


 (Policy / Direct/ Indirect- Customs & Indirect-GST) 










 4)    You are also requested to kindly fill-in the details given in Proforma- I which is given below: 



Name of Commodity 


2 (a) 

Nature of Proposal 


2 (b) 



2 (c) 

Present level of Duties 


2 (d) 

Proposed level of Duties 


2 (e) 

Proposal (Old or New) 


2 (f) 

Size of the Domestic industry 


2 (g) 

Issues related to Inverted Duty Structure 


2 (h) 

Revenue Implication 


2 (i) 

Impact of change in duty structure on domestic industry, if any 


2 (j) 

Bound rates of India in WTO 


Justification of the Division in favour of the Proposal 




Brief title of the recommendation 



Members are once again requested to kindly send us your suggestions/ views as word document in the form of separate attachments as per the above given format latest by 31st August, 2021 to / / for enabling us to send the same to the concerned department.  


Members may kindly make a note of the above and do the needful at the earliest. 

Thanking you,          

Yours faithfully,