Manmade and Technical Textiles Export Promotion Council (MATEXIL)

Amendment in Appendix 2K of the Foreign Trade Policy

Circular No. ES/119/2021-22                                                      31st July, 2021          


To: Members of the Council              


SubAmendment in Appendix 2K of the Foreign Trade Policy 


Dear Member, 


O/o DGFT has issued Public Notice No. 19 dated 30th July, 2021 by making amendments in Appendix 2K relating to Scale of User Charges and Process for Deposit/Refund of Application Fee/Penalty etc. of the Foreign Trade Policy. The same is annexed to Public Notice No. 19 dated 30th July, 2021 


The revised process for online refund of user charges/ penalty/ other application fees is notified. The process for e-Miscelleaneous payments for any online/offline process where the direct online payment option is not available. is also notified. 


Members are requested to kindly make a note of the above.  


Thanking you,    


Yours faithfully,