The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

Draft Indian Standards for Comments

REF. MR/CIR/2021/0031                                                                        4th May 2021 

To the Members of the Council


Sub: Draft Indian Standards for Comments

It is to inform that this Council has received communication from Bureau of Indian Standards, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India, regarding stakeholder’s views/ comments on the draft National Standards for polyester and viscose products as mentioned below:

(i)   Doc: TXD 31(16186)       Textiles — Continuous Filament Viscose Rayon Yarn and Acetate Yarn, Bright and Dull — Grading (Second Revision of IS 2427:1968)

(ii) Doc: TXD 31(16187)       Textiles —Viscose Rayon Yarn Cut Staple (Spun) Yarn — Specification (First Revision of IS 3566:1966)

(iii) Doc: TXD 31(16188)       Textiles — Rayon Velvet — Specification (First Revision of IS 4439:1967)

The details of the products are attached. The documents are also hosted on BIS website

(iv) Doc : TXD 31 (16188) Textiles - Rayon Velvet - Specification (First Revision) Document Type : Revision of Indian Standard (IS 4439 : 1967).

Please click here to view the document.

Members who are engaged in and also having concerns/ interest on formulation of these products standards are requested to examine the draft standards and send their views/ comments stating any difficulties in manufacturing as well as in business/ exports, if these standards are finally adopted as National Standards.

Views/ comments may please be made in the format enclosed and mailed to Shri A. K. Bera, Head (Textile Department), BIS at his email ID on or before 30-06-2021 for the products mentioned in (i) to (iii) and on or before 01-07-2021 for the product mentioned in (iv), under intimation to this Council at,

Thank you


S. Balaraju
Executive Director

Encl: WC-draft/TXD-31 documents
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