The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council

About Us

The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC), set up in 1954, is one of the oldest Export Promotion Councils in India.

The Council has played a transforming role over the years, inculcating export culture and promoting exports of Indian man-made fibre and textiles. Exports of these items, which were negligible in the 1960s, have grown substantially to touch US$6.16 billion during 2013-14. India exports to nearly 140 countries at present.

The Council envisages exports to the tune of Rs. 55,000 crores (US$ 9 billion) by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan (2016-17). The MMF textiles industry contributes 17% of the total Indian textile exports and this share is growing. India is the sixth largest exporter of MMF textiles in the world.

Vibrant Indian MMF textile industry
The Indian MMF industry is modern, vibrant and growing. India is the second leading producer of cellulosic fibre/yarn and the third largest producer of synthetic fibre/yarn in the world. At present India produces 1263
million kgs of man-made fibre, 2655 million kgs of yarn and 27889 million sq mtrs of fabrics annually.


  • Introduces exporters to appropriate overseas buyers.
  • Provides up to date information and identifies markets for them.
  • Undertakes export promotion programmes through participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions, organizing of Buyer Seller Meets in various target markets.
  • Provides market entry service by sponsoring delegations and sales teams to overseas markets.
  • Conducts market studies and surveys and keeps the exporters updated on market information, trade opportunities, etc.
  • Maintains liaison with the Government authorities to convey the requirements of the industry and exporters and to ensure appropriate and enabling policy framework for Indian MMF textile industry to flourish and thus enhance exports.
  • Provides financial subsidies under MAI.
  • Conducts generic publicity abroad to enhance image of India as a reliable supplier to build up goodwill for the Indian MMF industry and exporters.
  • Assists the exporters in understanding the export policies and procedures.
  • Resolves problems of exporters connected with exports concerning Department of Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Customs/Central Excise, Duty Drawback, Banking, ECGC, etc.
  • Conducts Workshops, Seminars for exchange of information, knowledge ideas and strategies.
  • Creates and maintains useful data banks of overseas buyers and organizers and one-to-one business meetings and negotiations for the exporters with importers.
  • Issues visa recommendations, export certificates and certificate of origin, etc.
  • Facilitates free display of samples at Council’s Trade Centres in Mumbai and Surat frequented by overseas buyers and Trade Delegations.
  • Recognises outstanding export performances and felicitates exporters for their meritorious export performance through Grant of Export Awards during annual Export Award Function.
  • Provides information on the trends for product development and adaptation to suit the overseas market requirements

Products under the purview of Council
The products under the purview of the Council are MMF and blended textile items including fibre, yarn, fabrics, made-ups, accessories, home textiles, technical textiles etc.

    • Polyester staple fibre
    • Viscose Staple fibre
  • YARN
    • Polyester filament & spun yarn
    • Viscose filament & spun yarn
    • Polyester-viscose blended yarn
    • Polyester-cotton blended yarn
    • Acrylic spun yarn
    • Polyester filament & spun fabrics
    • Polyester-viscose blended fabrics
    • Polyester-cotton blended fabrics
    • Polyester-wool fabrics
    • Viscose filament & spun fabrics
    • Acrylic spun fabrics
    • Velvet fabrics
    • Embroidered fabrics
    • Scarves
    • Shawls
    • Stoles
    • Odhanies
    • Dupattas
    • Furnishing fabrics
    • Curtains
    • Bed sheets


Committee of Administration